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Talking about the role and development of automotive ABS

 In the course of driving, the car will inevitably encounter various driving conditions. For example, when driving on urban roads, it will often encounter intersections. At this time, the driver must take the brake or even follow the instructions of the traffic lights. Stopping, and also in the case of sudden deceleration of the car in front or a car entering the front line

The car's ABS fault light is on. Does its brake work well? Can the car still drive at this time?

ABS is the English abbreviation of anti-lock braking system for automobiles. It is developed on the basis of conventional braking devices. Its role is to automatically control the braking force of the wheels when the vehicle is braking so that the wheels are not locked. Dead, it is in a state of rolling and sliding (slip rate is about 20%) to ensure that the adhesion between the wheel and the ground is at the maximum, and the steering wheel still maintains a certain steering ability to avoid obstacles.

What is ABS anti-lock braking system? Does it really matter

As we all know, the ABS anti-lock brake system can improve the safety of emergency braking of vehicles. Vehicles without ABS are prone to tire lock during emergency braking, and the vehicle will have direction deviation and cannot steer to avoid danger, which will cause serious accident. Therefore, in the 20th century when electronic technology developed rapidly, ABS devices began to develop on a large scale and were equipped on civilian vehicles, becoming the most effective safety technology after seat belts.

Detailed explanation of automobile anti-lock braking system (ABS)

The development of the ABS system dates back to the early 20th century. In the late 1970s, digital electronics technology and large-scale integrated circuits developed rapidly, laying a technical foundation for the practical development of ABS systems. Many companies have developed various forms of ABS systems. Since the mid-1980s, ABS systems have evolved toward cost-effectiveness. Some companies have simplified the structure and system optimization of ABS, and introduced economical ABS devices.

Automobile science popular knowledge-what is ABS

ABS is the English abbreviation of Anti-LockBrakeSystem, which can be translated as "brake anti-lock braking system". When there is no ABS, if the emergency braking generally causes the tire to lock up, because the tire and the ground are sliding and friction, the braking distance will be longer. If the front wheels are locked, the car loses the lateral steering force, and it is easy to run away; if the rear wheels are locked, the rear wheels will lose the lateral grip, and tail flicks will easily occur. Especially on snowy roads, the above situation is more likely to occur when emergency braking.

What should I do if the car ABS system fails?

I believe that every driver friend is most concerned about our safety when driving a motor vehicle. The ABS system can also be called the anti-lock brake system. Its role is mainly to prevent the car tires from completely locking to endanger our lives. As one of the most important factors affecting driver safety, it is an issue that we must always pay attention to and cannot ignore. So what caused the failure of the automotive ABS system? What should we do to deal with the problem of automobile ABS system failure?
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