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IT equipment agent 丨 PROJECT

In 2015, the Alibaba Group launched the China-Taiwan strategy. The goal is to build an innovative and flexible "big, medium and small front desk" mechanism that is in line with the Internet big data era, that is, the front-line business as the front desk will be more agile, It can be applied more quickly to the rapidly changing market, and China Central will gather the entire group's operational data capabilities and product technology capabilities to form a strong support for each front-end business. In July 2017, E-Tech established a cooperative relationship with Ali and became an Alibaba Cloud agent. It began to study the technology and implementation of Ali Zhongtai.

Software Product Custom Development 丨 PROJECT

Traffic vehicles are employee benefits that every company will equip. Vehicle management and scheduling coordination are also difficult problems that every company will encounter. In September 2017, through our survey of corporate transportation vehicles, we found that their data transmission is slow, the accuracy is not high, and the real-time status of vehicles and passengers cannot be monitored, resulting in high maintenance costs and long time.

Business Management Consulting 丨 PROJECT

Previously, the business level of Chang'an Yuzui Base could only use daily orders and vacancies to guide delivery, manual line picking and feeding, manual ingredients out of stock, manual inventory reporting, and other methods for basic information collection and operation management. Transmission, poor information, lagging and distorted data, large amount of data verification, difficult to save

ERP Technology ERP System 丨 PROJECT

ERP system project implementation is a management project, not an IT project. ERP system implementation must be led by leaders. The main work of the implementer is not on the software itself. The larger workload should be to help the company manage the problem points

Software Product Custom Development 丨 PROJECT

With the development of the information age, traditional office methods can no longer meet the needs of corporate development and will be replaced by new office methods. It has become an urgent requirement to build an internal enterprise information network (Intranet) and realize office automation (OA). E-Tech is adapting to the development of the trend

System integration project 丨 PROJECT

There is no system for on-site management of the vehicle production workshop. Manual control is used in the production management of the workshop. The production efficiency of each workshop is low. As a result, the factory's production capacity has been unable to increase and cannot meet the actual production situation.
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